A scripting language with a simple C-like syntax, a clean interface to hosting application code, and unfortunately a very slow VM, naive garbage collector, and lack of documentation.

Still kind of a cool toy.

A procedural texture generation tool that uses DerpScript as a scripting system.

Includes naive (slow) implementations of many image processing functions with very basic multithreading. Textures are generated to be seamless, wrapping image by default.

A sample of the current API:
  • imageOp.RGBToSRGB
  • imageOp.SRGBToRGB
  • imageOp.alphaMask
  • imageOp.blendAdd
  • imageOp.blendMultiply
  • imageOp.clamp
  • imageOp.curvatureMapFromNormalMap
  • imageOp.distanceField
  • imageOp.gaussianBlur
  • imageOp.invert
  • imageOp.levels
  • imageOp.matchColor
  • imageOp.normalMapFromHeightMap
  • imageOp.perlinNoise
  • imageOp.scaleImage
  • imageOp.solidColor
  • imageOp.swizzle
  • imageOp.threshold
  • imageOp.tile
  • imageOp.voronoi
  • io.saveCubemap
  • meshOp.curvatureMapFromMesh
  • meshOp.positionMapFromMesh
  • meshOp.triangulateMesh
  • system.getRandomSeed
  • system.popRandomSeed
  • system.pushRandomSeed
  • system.setRandomSeed
[ Source coming soonish ]
Lily Engine Utils
This is a small collection of utility functions and classes I've been gradually building up over time. Should have no extra dependencies. Cross platform across POSIX, Windows, and others. This is less updated than whatever is in the current Lily 3D engine, but more up-to-date than the Lily Engine 2D.
Lily Engine Tools
This is a set of tools I put together mostly for code generation specific to some of the other projects I've done. It contains a couple of tools to convert images into static constant C/C++ buffer code for embedding images or files directly into C code, a tool to automatically maintain and update comment block headers on C++ source code, and a half-complete little project that scans code for various forms of TODO and FIXME comment blocks. There's also some code generation to handle OpenGL function pointer setup.
Lily Engine 2D

2D game engine with game logic in Lua. Has a built in editor. Check the README. This code is pretty old. Watch out for testing junk just about everywhere. The Lua scripts are particularly ugly.
Lily Engine 3D
Really ugly code that's not ready for public display yet! Will be a deferred shading 3D game engine when it's done. (If it's ever done.)
Last Minute Emergency Breakout Clone

My February entry for the 2013 One Game a Month jam. Made in one day at the last moment because I've been otherwise swamped with work on Neverwinter. The code for this one is especially horrid, so I probably won't be posting that up.
Space Poop

My March entry for the 2013 One Game a Month jam. Also made in one day at the last moment because I've been otherwise swamped with work on Neverwinter again. Seriously, this one was even more down to the wire on the deadline.

This one is just a really bad Asteroids clone. Spacebar fires. Arrow keys turn and thrust. 'n' will start a new game from the title screen or victory/loss screens.
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