Through the miracle of stupidly simple scripting and ever-increasingly-complex Jekyll builds, I can now be EVEN LAZIER in uploading art. Like... save to folder and mash "upload" script for it to auto-generate a post, gallery entry, and thumbnail for some given xcf file.

Usually this precedes me stopping drawing and updating entirely. Now it's too easy, you see. Having reached a near pinnacle of laziness, I understand that there is no need to do any work on my site at all. Only then can I truly embrace laziness.

But seriously, I hope this means I can upload more doodles at least. Now I just have to get it on my tablet PC and hook it up to the Gnome-Pie radial menu doodad. (Which is awesome if you have a tablet PC with no keyboard, btw.)

Speaking of tablet PCs, running purely Debian Testing on a Cintiq Companion 2 512GB is pretty awesome. I'll have to make another post about all the annoying aspects of setting that up.

Final note: I'm a filthy scrub and just setup autologin in LightDM so I wouldn't have to deal with making the on-screen keyboard play nicely with a login screen. It'd be nice to maybe have some swipe-pattern unlock or something there.

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